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Csgo betting with skins
A great solution for effective monetization of
Embeddable CSGO Betting widget allows you to take bets on esports events
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What is CSGObetswidget?
This is a single system for accepting bets on the outcomes of the multiplayer online shooter CS: GO. Skins and weapons will be used to make bets.
Remember CSGOLounge? CSGObetswidget is a great alternative with advanced functionality for CS GO match betting.
Our goal is to make bets on e-sports more accessible.
We accept CS:GO skins
The widget accepts bets only using CS:GO skins.
No real money or other Illegal activities.
Lifetime dividends
Referrals who have registered on your CSGObetting widget will bring you profit for the rest of your life.

Personal website + domain
We create for you a PERSONAL site with an integrated CS:GO widget, plus a domain and hosting as a gift. Contact us for more details.
Quick installation
The widget installation takes from 1 to 24 hours.
You don't need to waste your time. Just Install and earn.
Backdoor-free. No malicious code is guaranteed. We care about the safety of users.
24/7 Support
Personal manager will help to solve your problem at any time of the day.
Additional features of the widget
Only the most necessary.
Team statistics
Analysis of recent matches of the CS:GO teams.

Here you can find all the necessary statistics, bookmakers quotes, everything you need to bet on CS GO matches. A rich data base will allow you to reach a new level in the issue of CS:GO Betting.
Built-in Stream
Watch live streams from the widget window.

Do not miss the single detail of the match, always be in the middle of the action, place bets and watch the games of your favorite team in real time.Track the progress of several matches at once in different languages.
Bid history
Analyze the success of your decisions.

You will always be able to analyze the games ended. Watch the statistics of games or even the whole that you've missed. Track your progress over time for best results.
It's not a secret that eSports in our days is gaining huge popularity and it's growth rate is really amazing. As a result, many people wondered how this development affects the adjacent areas, such as bookmaking, sports betting, and various kinds of gambling. And the answer is pretty obvious - since e-sports is the same way that conventional sports like sphere always develop simultaneously and jointly - the sphere of gambling has also received a strong impetus in this situation.

  • Let's look at one widget that allows any of us not just to be a part of such a component in the sport in a bookmaking as a player, but as the owner of one of the online betting sites. In this case your website does not necessarily have to be focused on this part, but based on the CSGO adjacent the first category.
  • In other words, if you wanted to create, or you already have your own site that is somehow related to the scope of Counter Strike Global Offensive (news, videos, results, forums, files, interviews, etc.) then you may be interested in the widget of CSGOBETS. This widget occupies a modest place on the page of your site allows your visitors to make bets on the most relevant matches all over the world that will certainly please the users of the site, and you as the owner - to get more than a handsome profit, in other words everyone will find benefit. So you will become a part of CSGO match betting sphere.
  • Now a few words about the way to become a user of this widget: neat and pleasing design allows you to easily embed the betting widget on the main page of the site, and there are several variations in the appearance of the widget will give you a wider range of options for its placement. Traceability profit from the widget on your personal account. Easy to place their means placing a simple script. Round the clock technical support.

In conclusion, we note that, despite the exuberant growth is now this sphere is still in its formative stages, and therefore you have the opportunity to become one of the basic sites in the area on the eSports bets. Go ahead and join csgobetswidget.com